Saturday, May 15, 2010

So my birthday was in March, and I decided that I wanted/needed/pretty much just wanted a bike for my birthday! Not just any bike my friends but a beach cruiser....I know we don't live by the beach but we do live downtown in the good ole SLC and live close enough that we can/will be biking to most events in the downtown area this summer! You know like the Earth day festival at Liberty Park or the Arts, Jazz, Greek or Chinese festivals at Library Square. Liberty Park is two blocks from our house and has been around as long or longer than our home; it's like the central park of Salt Lake City.. sort of. Here are a few pics of the park, the last pic is of the drum circle that meets every Sunday, depending on how many drummers there are you can hear them from our house; can’t you smell the patchouli now?!? .

So yeah it was MY birthday which my husband tells everyone lasts the WHOLE month of March but somehow my husband got a bike too....humm I think this means I can milk the birthday thing out of a new pair of roller blades.....just a thought. It became clear my first day as a proud new bike owner that my husband would not be out done in the bike department... I asked him to ride with me to the grocery store, mainly because I couldn't wait to try out my new set of wheels and my cool new bike basket; but oh no he said he couldn't because that would require a bike for leisure, a bike built for comfort he said.... I was confused for a minute, but you HAVE a bike I said...not like yours was his reply. So let me get this straight..... because your bike is classified as a mountain bike you can not take a casual ride with me?
I came home the next day to find ANOTHER new bike in my living room. I'm not too happy about the whole situation...primarily because it just so happens that MY bike is blue (my favorite color) and his red (just because that was the only other color this particular bike came in) having them sitting side by side I got a twinge of jealousy....GREAT, now my husband has the color of the fighting Utes and I'm stuck with the... dare I say it... BYU BLUE!!!!!!!! To some this might not be a big deal..... but to US, to ME it's HUGE!! I now ride my pretty new bike with the cute little basket in shame...tear
Thanks to My Mom and Dad, Inlaws Mark and Darlene and Grandma & Grandpa Scott for birthday money to buy my new bike, and now new roller blades. I had a very good birthday and feel blessed to have such a great family! PS thanks Meghan and Jason and Carlie for the birthday webcam so I can Skype like all the cool kids!

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