Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeffrey Lake gets Married!!!

Jeffrey and Jenny
Engaged June 19Th, 2010

Married August 28Th, 2010
in the
Salt Lake City Temple
Just Married
walking out of the temple after the ceremony

First kiss outside the temple

This one makes me laugh every time, too cute!

Lilly and "Her" Jeffrey Lake

Jenny and Missy

Great Auntie Laura and Miss Lilly

Jake and Jess
and Lilly, Bryan and Jace
The Whole Fam!

Jenny and Miss Lilly

Parents of the Newlyweds

Newlyweds and Grandpa and Grandma Scott

Jeff and Lilly

Grandpa and Grandma Scott and Megan

Auntie Laura and Uncle Jerry
and my cousin Vinny!

Beautiful Reception

Inappropriate Jeffrey Lake
Just Hitched!

OK so Jake and I were threatened with death if we touched Jeff's Jeep...... When Jake got married Jeff put condoms EVERYWHERE in Jake's truck so I think he was afraid of the pay back Jake might unleash.
Well we somehow behaved ourselves and this is how it all turned out.
*****Jake and I discussed the whole way to the store and back what we were going to write on Jeff's windows, and when it came down to it....yeah I screwed it's supposed to say if the Jeep's a Rockin, don't come a knockin and once it's on there it's not like you can erase it, this picture makes me laugh every time!
Congratulations to the happy couple, we could not be happier that Jeffrey Lake has found his special someone to spend eternity with! Jenny and Jeff are perfect together and we love that she puts him in his place when he needs it!! Jenny and Jeff we wish you nothing but the best!

Utah State Fair

We LOVE The Fair!!
Yeah they really do have a "Freak Show"

Funnel Cake!
Fried Twinkies, I know what you are thinking.....deep fried fat on fat, but oh no this is pure goodness!
Somehow I have come to a point in my life where I do NOT think fair rides are cool. This could be a combination of things that have contributed to my new fear of said rides. It could be the sketch crazy carnival rides in Nicaragua, the smell of barf, and the feeling of being in a metal casket, take your pick but don't think I'm getting on any such ride. Anyone who does not believe me can ask Lebowitz Cole, she was the last lucky person to have ever ridden on the "Tilt O' Whirl" with me. Blood curdling "I'm going to throw up" and then the ride came to a halt and yours truly was happily escorted off the ride o' death!
The view from our seats at the Demolition Derby

We LOVE the Demolition Derby!

Until a few years ago I had never been to a Demolition Derby and never knew what I was missing!
It's awesome!
GO #23!!!

Whitney met us there, Her man friend Mike was going to meet us there but the Demolition Derby was the same night as the big Herriman fire and since he works for Fox 13 he was covering the blaze and had to miss the Derby, he was missed but we had a BLAST!