Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Front Yard Fun

The other day I came home to find that Tracy had planted sod in the front yard in all of the bald patches and made the lawn oh so pretty! He worked very hard and did a great job.

It looks great and he inspired me to try to plant flowers and pretty things in the flower bed that I have previously been unsuccessful in keeping plants alive.
Flower bed full of dead things.

better shot of flower bed and deadness.

These are the pretty things I will be struggling to keep alive.

And the finished product.

Wish me luck, here's to NOT having the ugliest yard on the block.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sacramento Weekend

The state of sunshine and Palm trees

Tracy was asked to be in the wedding of his good friend Adam this past weekend in Sacramento, California. We planned on Tracy going by himself because I was unable to get the time off of work. Tracy got his plane ticket and he and Ryan were set to go. That Wednesday before the wedding I was asked to switch shifts with a co-worker giving me that weekend off. So then it was game on, I found a plane ticket, a little pricey as it was the last minute, and somehow what should have been an hour flight turned out to be more than five hours of traveling, three airports and two flights later... but I made it!

After Landing in Sacramento I found a new appreciation for the city we have until this past weekend only driven through. It was a LOT prettier than the view you get from HWY 80 on your way to San Francisco, it also doesn't help that we somehow end up driving through during rush-hour, which is never a good experience. Nope I didn't take these pics but wanted to show how pretty the city truly is....ta da.

The Bride and Groom in their engagement pic... so cute!

Adam and Malia

Ryan, Malia and Adam

I know I look thrilled but you have to remember I had been traveling all day, and yes this was the best pic of us at the rehearsal dinner. EeWW!

Tracy and the mother of the groom.

The Best Man Santos and Ryan

Ryan and the Groom

Mr. and Mrs. stone
(Thanks for all your help with the clean-up of spilled drinks by he who shall remain nameless.)

The Happy couple taking their rehearsal dinner shots of Patrone!And then it was Malia's turn Thanks for allowing us to share in your rehearsal dinner we had a great time, great friends, food and fun, and I am glad I made it after all!


Tracy and Adam the groom

So Adam got all of his groomsman boat shoes to wear in the wedding. He gave his groomsman these really cool boat shoes at the rehearsal dinner the night before. Tracy was just sooooo excited about his boat shoes in one fluid motion he ripped off the flops he had been wearing and threw on his swanky new boat shoes! Well in his haste and excitement Tracy threw the shoe box to the boat shoes under the table and danced the rest of the night in his fancy new shoes. Somehow Tracy failed to notice that in the boat shoes box were a pair of very specific green argyle socks to also be worn at the wedding. Apparently Tracy did not know that there was anything else in that box and it went out with the trash. Luckily one of Adam's other groomsman had a broken foot and actually was only able to wear one of his green argyle socks and was able to let Tracy wear the other if nothing else but for the sake of the wedding pictures. He was actually able to make it work and this is how he looked at the wedding!

The Beautiful Bride

(Loved the Dress!)

Adam and his beautiful little sister Laurel

Tracy and Best Man Santos' Madre

Jim, me and Ryan

The Beautiful Bride celebrating!
The bride going through the gauntlet

The Brown clan + JP
Derrick, Bill, Barbra, Jim and Kerri

Jim and Barbra

Me, Kerri, Ryan, Derrick, Champion and Amanda

Me and Ryan trying to stay cool during the ceremony

Wedding fun!

Barb and the Groom
The HotelAnd this is where we ended the night. Funny story, so I went up to bed before Tracy while he stayed and hung out in the lobby with friends. I decided to wait up because I knew he probably didn't have a key; a few minutes went by and then a loud noise came from what sounded like outside my door, thinking it was my husband I went to see, nope not him, there was no one, but the sound still remained and now was getting louder. It sounded like someone was beating down a door like the po-lease, it was LOUD and actually made the floor vibrate! Not knowing what was up I went back into my room to wait. Not more than thirty seconds later I got a phone call from Tracy, he was NOT happy, the conversation went something like this:
Tracy: What the...Seriously just open the door!

Me: What?!?!?

then it instantly all clicked..... he was on the wrong floor!

Me: Well honey, sweetheart, I'm actually standing at our open door; where are you? I hope you are not knocking on the door to 1016 because we are in 1116, and I've been listening to you beat down that door for the past ten min now. Please proceed up one flight of stairs and I'll be waiting in the hallway.

We had a great time and I wish Adam and Malia the best!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yeah, I made it. my mad skills=
awesome new bench entry way seating