Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lilly Lake

Well little Miss Lilly My brother Jake's almost three year old daughter Loves Auntie Tricia and she loves Uncle Tracy too but doesn't like to show it all that much. Every time I call and she answers her first question is "where's Tracy?!" my usual response is he's right here want to talk to him.."no no" is what she always says; she likes to love him from a distance. Two weeks ago we all went out for my birthday and she walked in and Tracy and I were already sitting down and she looked pissed, I mean she was definitely mad about something, she dropped her purse and threw her hands up in the air and yelled "Well where's Tracy!?!?" Apparently she couldn't see him from her vantage point and thought I had come without him, Tracy stood up and said I'm right here Lilly! She smiled and then pretended he didn't exist, too funny! A few months ago I was at my parents and Lilly and I were playing and she was pretending to call Tracy, she didn't want to talk to him per say but thought it would be funny to pretend prank call him, I might be a little prejudice but I thought it was cute! Lilly also loves playing with my iphone taking pictures and also my new camera that has the screen on the front she just loves!
So for your viewing pleasure here's Lilly on the phone with Tracy and our photo shoot. (Jace decided his big sister couldn't have all the fun so he also joined the photo shoot!).

PS I love the way she answers her flip phone....too cute! Also Lilly insists on calling my older brother Jeff her uncle, Jeffrey Lake, not Uncle Jeff but Jeffrey Lake, she's such a little character!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitchen Renovation

Two years ago in May Tracy and I bought our first home. The house was built in 1911 and will be 100 years old next year; this being said it needs a lot of work. We have been renovating since we moved in and are still in the process of making our house a home. Over the summer Mark, Tracy's dad was kind enough to spend a few weeks with us working on our kitchen. We ripped out the old counter and sink and Mark and Tracy built a whole new counter, cabinets and opening for the new dishwasher.
YAY for the dishwasher! Tracy and I have been moving our old trusty vintage green roll-about dishwasher that was given to us by Ryan for several years now. This mean green machine saved me countless hours of scrubbing dishes by hand albeit you did have to pre-wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher it was definitely a lifesaver! So if you know anyone who is in need of a trusty vintage green dishwasher let me know, it's free to a good home.
Mark also tiled our countertop and put in the backsplash. My dad and I were able to rewire a plug by the sink to operate the dishwasher and I was thankful for the electricity lesson with Dad. Dad and I spent most of the day with the electrical work and decided to also hang up some lovely over the counter hanging lights. Easier said than done, we ended up not having enough time in the day to finish and I was given instructions on how to finish them myself. So day two of Light hanging was nothing short of took Tracy and I all day to figure out that somewhere along the lifespan of our almost 100 year old house the kitchen had been semi renovated and a "false" ceiling had been put up in the kitchen. So Tracy and I spent all day in the attic trying to hang these lights; finally we did it and went to flip the switch and....nothing! We gave up for the day out of pure frustration and Tracy called Ryan in to see if he could figure it out. It took Ryan all of thirty seconds to see that one of the ground wires was not hooked up properly and magically all three hanging lights and the room light lit up...yay! Really hard work but definitely worth it! Thanks to Mark for all of his hard work and time, thanks to my dad for the electrical help, and thanks to Jessie for the tile discount and Aunt Karen for the lights!!!

Ok so this bad boy is in need of a good home, let me know if you're interested!

It needs a little work and a lot of love

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has sprung......not so much!

The Chair

A few years back when I moved into an apartment which had been previously occupied by my friend Courtney, aka El Diablo, I was given things that she no longer wanted or needed. One of these things was a wonderful old chair that had definitely seen better days. I like this chair because it's big and roomy and you can cuddle up in it, unfortunately I have had no place for this chair until we bought our new house. So basically it has been in the basement for several years and I probably should have gotten rid of it but I knew it had potential. So recently I have been working on my home office, and thought that that big comfy chair would be a nice addition to the office. So down to the fabric store I went, contrary to my firm belief of recycling old material this project took about eight yards of material and there was no way I was going to piece together eight yards of material to cover this chair. Thanks to Emily for going to play at the fabric store in a snow storm with me, here's how it turned out!