Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yay for blogging! I was so excited about starting a blog and being able to update friends and family on what's new with us. First I had to come up with a name... ok so many of you know that my married name is Ball and that I love signing Christmas, birthday and any other occasion cards with fun sayings like:
Love the Balls
Warm wishes, love The Balls
Love your favorite Balls
and anything else I can come up with to bring a smile to those receiving said cards. Well I've explained this to my husband several times and he is never able to see the humor in the situation, something about him having grown up with the name and that he didn't think it was funny when he was made fun of as a child. Well boo hoo because it's now my last name too and I think it's ridiculously funny every time, someday the novelty might wear off but I don't see that happening anytime soon. So when I told Tracy the name of my blog he just rolled his eyes at me while I giggled because I think it's funny; Balls on Parade......