Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lilly Lake

Well little Miss Lilly My brother Jake's almost three year old daughter Loves Auntie Tricia and she loves Uncle Tracy too but doesn't like to show it all that much. Every time I call and she answers her first question is "where's Tracy?!" my usual response is he's right here want to talk to him.."no no" is what she always says; she likes to love him from a distance. Two weeks ago we all went out for my birthday and she walked in and Tracy and I were already sitting down and she looked pissed, I mean she was definitely mad about something, she dropped her purse and threw her hands up in the air and yelled "Well where's Tracy!?!?" Apparently she couldn't see him from her vantage point and thought I had come without him, Tracy stood up and said I'm right here Lilly! She smiled and then pretended he didn't exist, too funny! A few months ago I was at my parents and Lilly and I were playing and she was pretending to call Tracy, she didn't want to talk to him per say but thought it would be funny to pretend prank call him, I might be a little prejudice but I thought it was cute! Lilly also loves playing with my iphone taking pictures and also my new camera that has the screen on the front she just loves!
So for your viewing pleasure here's Lilly on the phone with Tracy and our photo shoot. (Jace decided his big sister couldn't have all the fun so he also joined the photo shoot!).

PS I love the way she answers her flip phone....too cute! Also Lilly insists on calling my older brother Jeff her uncle, Jeffrey Lake, not Uncle Jeff but Jeffrey Lake, she's such a little character!


  1. Way too cute!!!! What a little sweetie!

  2. so excited to have come across your blog-! i love blog friends. =) you look fantastic, how are things?!

  3. Come visit us and play with Carlie ;) I don't think I can wait til August :( Maybe June up North ;) haha