Thursday, September 30, 2010

Utah State Fair

We LOVE The Fair!!
Yeah they really do have a "Freak Show"

Funnel Cake!
Fried Twinkies, I know what you are thinking.....deep fried fat on fat, but oh no this is pure goodness!
Somehow I have come to a point in my life where I do NOT think fair rides are cool. This could be a combination of things that have contributed to my new fear of said rides. It could be the sketch crazy carnival rides in Nicaragua, the smell of barf, and the feeling of being in a metal casket, take your pick but don't think I'm getting on any such ride. Anyone who does not believe me can ask Lebowitz Cole, she was the last lucky person to have ever ridden on the "Tilt O' Whirl" with me. Blood curdling "I'm going to throw up" and then the ride came to a halt and yours truly was happily escorted off the ride o' death!
The view from our seats at the Demolition Derby

We LOVE the Demolition Derby!

Until a few years ago I had never been to a Demolition Derby and never knew what I was missing!
It's awesome!
GO #23!!!

Whitney met us there, Her man friend Mike was going to meet us there but the Demolition Derby was the same night as the big Herriman fire and since he works for Fox 13 he was covering the blaze and had to miss the Derby, he was missed but we had a BLAST!

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