Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeffrey Lake gets Married!!!

Jeffrey and Jenny
Engaged June 19Th, 2010

Married August 28Th, 2010
in the
Salt Lake City Temple
Just Married
walking out of the temple after the ceremony

First kiss outside the temple

This one makes me laugh every time, too cute!

Lilly and "Her" Jeffrey Lake

Jenny and Missy

Great Auntie Laura and Miss Lilly

Jake and Jess
and Lilly, Bryan and Jace
The Whole Fam!

Jenny and Miss Lilly

Parents of the Newlyweds

Newlyweds and Grandpa and Grandma Scott

Jeff and Lilly

Grandpa and Grandma Scott and Megan

Auntie Laura and Uncle Jerry
and my cousin Vinny!

Beautiful Reception

Inappropriate Jeffrey Lake
Just Hitched!

OK so Jake and I were threatened with death if we touched Jeff's Jeep...... When Jake got married Jeff put condoms EVERYWHERE in Jake's truck so I think he was afraid of the pay back Jake might unleash.
Well we somehow behaved ourselves and this is how it all turned out.
*****Jake and I discussed the whole way to the store and back what we were going to write on Jeff's windows, and when it came down to it....yeah I screwed it's supposed to say if the Jeep's a Rockin, don't come a knockin and once it's on there it's not like you can erase it, this picture makes me laugh every time!
Congratulations to the happy couple, we could not be happier that Jeffrey Lake has found his special someone to spend eternity with! Jenny and Jeff are perfect together and we love that she puts him in his place when he needs it!! Jenny and Jeff we wish you nothing but the best!


  1. Yay for pictures! I couldn't tell for sure from the one tiny picture you were in, but it doesn't appear that you coordinated with the color scheme? :)

  2. Oh Dear Kirsten, That day was kind of long, and it started early with me scrambling around town to find a flower shop open to get my mom, the brides mom and the grandmas corsages; this assignment was given to me the night before. Little did I know that there was a marathon downtown that morning; I live a few blocks from downtown so trying to get anywhere was a nightmare! On the way home to get ready while the corsages were being made I had to stop off at the dry cleaners to pick up my dress that did match the color scheme, teal. Apparently if you have beer, wine and an assortment of other drinks spilled on said dress a few months ago without having it cleaned.. the stain sets (**See pervious post on Adam and Malia's wedding). So in a haste I went home threw on the first thing I found, something we all have on hand.. a little black dress. We then went back to the flower shop to pick up said corsages and got stuck in the marathon traffic. So we only live about fifteen min from the temple but it somehow took us FOREVER (50+min) to get there that day! So we actually missed a lot of the pictures which was probably a good thing we were in no mood for pictures.